Welcome to School Library Designing!

A well designed school library can be a vibrant social learning hub for the whole school community. For students in particular it offers a safe welcoming space where they can inquire, think, read, imagine, create, relax, connect with friends and pursue shared interests. So this School Library Designing site site invites you to explore how you can participate in school library designing – and why purposeful school library design is important.

The site supports a connected community around school library designing. It welcomes anyone with an interest in creating contemporary student-friendly school libraries. While school library teams and their school communities are at the heart of this connected community, it embraces school library professional associations and advocacy groups, design professionals, architects, education facility planners, educators and researchers.

School library teams include the many and varied people who contribute to everyday school library ‘work’: teacher-librarians, librarians, aides, library assistants, library-supportive teachers, school leaders, library volunteers, parents and friends, and students. Use of the term school library team signals the value of participating with others in design projects, especially for school libraries with limited staff and resources yet striving to make a difference.

Supporting the design of vibrant school libraries

This site aims to feature a range of innovative school library design projects – from small scale make-overs to larger building projects. In particular it will show examples of how a little creativity can go a long way in creating a vibrant new library space even with a limited budget.

The site also supports a participatory designing approach – to enable the creation of library spaces that meet the needs, values and wishes of intended users. This approach is well suited to school library designing as it gives voice to a wide range of stakeholders of differing backgrounds. So library teams, teachers, students, parents and many others can all contribute without needing any technical skills or previous design experience.

To inform and inspire school library designing – this site includes 4 main pages …

Projects showcases school library design projects

Resources guides practical school library designing

Reasons highlights why school library designing is important

Research presents evidence to underpin practical school library designing

Navigation and sharing

You are invited to help build a connected community of school library designers by sharing your thoughts and ideas – either in the comments box at the bottom of each page or via:

Blog for discussion about school library designing

Padlet for Q & A and sharing ideas, hints, images, resources

@SchoolLibDesign for Twitter
#Schoollibrarydesign #designinglearningspaces

If you would like to contribute a snapshot of participatory designing at your school library for the Projects page please email: hilaryemh@gmail.com

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